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Stretched Canvas

Stretched Canvas


Deco Manufacturing Ltd. is based in Bulebel and with more than 35 years of experience we have one thing in common in our factory, a deep passion for art and photography and making the highest quality wall art that is possible.

Our reputation in the World of framing is well known and we have thousands of homes around the Maltese Islands including Hotels, Residential Buildings, Offices commercial buildings.

The Deco team is dedicated to utilizing our many years of fine craftsmanship, innovation and an innate sense of perfection to produce works of art that inspire our customers to say "wow" each and every time our products are unwrapped and hung on their walls.

We use only the finest printing materials, and innovative and precise printing solutions to produce masterpieces that will stand the test of time and conditions, and deliver years and years of viewing joy.

Our mission

Choose your style with elegance, design your ideas with inspiration and achieve them with Deco.