How to Hang Multiple Panel Art

Art is one of the most important essentials when decorating a room. The latest trend is art displayed in multiple panels. Since Art can make or break a room here are our steps on how to properly align your art with your furniture.

1. The first step is having the right tools for the job, a measuring tape, a pencil, a level tool and a hammer.

2. The height of the artwork depends on the height of the people living in the home (eye level) and the existing placement of the furniture by the wall where the art will be placed. Usually, around 12" above the furniture or decorations.

3. The centre of the artwork and the furniture should always align; this will make the space look symmetric.

4. There are 2 types of measurements you will need; height of the Wall Art and width between panels. The graphic below indicates the placement of the art with the measurements. The blue dots denote the placement of the picture hooks and the red dots denote the height.

5. Start by placing the art panels on the floor to determine how close apart you want to hang them. Measure the distance from the mid-point to the mid-point of 2 panels; this will be measurement #1 Width.

6. Mark measurement #2 Height on the wall

7. Follow graphics below to mark where the picture hooks will be placed. Using starting point #2 Height, mark the other picture hooks using measurement #1. Use the level tool to ensure the marks are on the same height, either two or three marks depending on the amount of panels.

8. You have all the marks on the wall, stand far away from the wall and check that it look symmetric and level. Now, it is time to nail the picture hooks on the wall and hang your Wall Art.

Congratulations YOU ARE DONE! Believe it or not in art galleries they have a team of experts that are in charge of hanging wall art. It may seem simple (and it is if you follow our tutorial). To see a finished living room with multiple panel art on the walls click here. This method can be used with multiple panels such as the graph below (4 panels).

We basically covered all multi-panel art hanging. If you are in need to hang one piece of art alone, click here for an amazing tutorial, we love how simple it is!

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