Set of 5 canvas 100x150


  • SKU: SCM100x150
  • Size: 150cm x 100cm


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Multi Stretched Canvas

Deco has become known as one of the most trusted high quality printers for photographic and art printing studio in Malta. Our team constantly produces & delivers Superb Quality, Fully Customized Products and Total Satisfaction.

Our polyester canvas 360 g/m2 is one of the best quality materials that exist in the planet and is guaranteed for the long term. We are using the most modern printing technology with original inks only. All our images are officially authorised by the Artists and Photographers as on every order we receive and produce the artist will receive the royalties.

Deco is fortunate to be trusted by many hundreds of professional & amateur artists who have confidence that Deco will deliver the highest quality products, meticulously handcrafted by our photo & visual image art professionals.

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Stretched Canvas

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